Co-Impact Sourcing

For me, one of the most amazing things about this company is how they source and support the communities they get the oils from. It’s called their Co-Impact Sourcing model and it’s just brilliant. Here’s a little low down on it:
  • Doterra sources the oils from where the plants naturally thrive (this means that the essential oils are of a super high quality to start with)
  • They ensure the sourcing of the oils are ethical. They set up sustainable farming practices (or encourage the ones already set up) and support farmers in a manner that allows them growth and prosperity even when a season of crops isn’t at yield
  • Here’s a great little video to explain this a bit more and for more information please visit here 

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)

One of the main reasons I will continue to choose doterra over any other company is due to the stringent testing they do to ensure the quality of oil we each receive. Having a science background I can appreciate the lengths they go to to ensure that the oils we receive are just that, oils and nothing else. The oils are sourced correctly, they are then run through numerous tests to ensure quality 
The essential oil industry did not have a strident enough process to ensure the Therapeutic Grade level doterra has since developed. To ensure that this isn’t a bias process (as a lot of people get irked about), the company went one step further and ensures the testing is also done by third-party labs. This is like me paying a stranger to test my blood, rather than me just doing it myself and saying I’m good. Oh wait, we do that already, don’t we? 😉

    DōTERRA Caring

    And last, but definitely not least, is doterra’s fantastic charitable organisation and partnerships. I made a pact that when I started my business that I would always donate a portion of my coaching earning to a not for profit organisation. I love that by me purchasing oils I automatically do this, and also have the opportunity to contribute more by directly buying certain products that support these causes. For more information please click on the links below and visit

    The Healing Hands Foundation

    All proceeds from the Rose Oil Lotion doterra sells go directly the this foundation 

    Operation Underground Railroad

    The beautiful blend Hope was created for this cause which is dedicated to rescuing children around the world form sex trafficking. 

    Operation Underground Railroad

    Healing Hands Foundation

    Caring for their members

    This company goes above and beyond to give back to its members too. The level of rewards you get when you join the company is totally amazing. Here’s is a little snippet. If you’d like to know more then please use the button below or get in contact 

    What are the benefits of signing up for a Wholesale Account

    ❊ Wholesale pricing (25% discount) straight away

    ❊ No mostly order required (unless wanting to earn commission or take advantage of maximum savings with loyalty rewards – can be edited or cancelled at any time with no fees or charges)

    ❊ Option to receive 10-30% off your total purchase back in FREE product points (on top of the 25% discount)

    ❊ Eligibility to receive the FREE Product of the Month

    ❊ Ability to earn compensation and bonuses by sharing with others if you choose

    ❊ This is the lowest overall product costs & star way to buy – no nonsense, no BS, freedom and control