Hello beautiful,


I was speaking to my dad the other night about how the businesses are going etc. and something slipped out which made me think a little. It went a little something like this… “my two degree were hands down more tolerable that what I am going through at the moment”. His response: “no way!”. Now this is an interesting statement as it wasn’t all fun and laughter when I did those said degrees; they were some harrowing years. What it did make me realise was how much I have grown as a person since I started this journey as an entrepreneur, and what I am now able to cope with through the experiences I’ve had in the past 2 years.

The purpose for this post is to tell you that sh!t is gonna happen. A chain of events starts when you set your course and decide to do something you’re passionate about. We’re here to grow and learn, be tested so we can live lives that are full. You stepping up to do what you love is setting a silent intent, which I know not many people realise – which I didn’t realise. It’s a subconscious “ok” to the universe saying you are ready to step up. And step up you shall my dear.

There aint one business woman I have thus far come in contact with that hasn’t experience some or all of the above. There’s power in truth and we sometimes feel fear towards it or avoid it completely. Adulating can be challenging. It’s those of us that stick with it through these crazy times, through the brilliant times, that make something of ourselves. It is strength of character which each and everyone possesses in some form. These journeys show us what those are so we can work with them, not against.

You are amazing. And this is to show you that you are also human. Just like I am and just like countless other women out there are starting their own businesses. What I want you to also take from this is that these things are okay. You are perfectly normal. You are perfectly capable. And you damn well don’t need to justify any of the things below to anyone who deems to judge you. Don’t let these things scare you. Rather use it as a list of reference when you’re feeling like crap to see that others are going through the same – and we’re all here to understand and support you. We know what it’s like. And we are egging you on from the sidelines. Sometimes with our Pjs on and a pizza in our mouthes as we haven’t showered or functioned ourselves so well that day. But we are here for you. And this is me sharing to show you that being human is ok. Just keep swimming

Dear Amazing Entrepreneur….

You’re going to get triggered
You’re going to want to give up
You’re going to feel like you have to defend your actions and justify your worth
You’re going to have days where you are so busy you forget to brush your teeth, or shower, or feed yourself, or all of the above
You’re going to feel alone at times
You’re going to up-level like a mofo and have to deal with what that entails for you
You’re going to eff up
You’re going to be scared
You’re going to want answers that seem to elude you at every turn
You’re going to want support but in the same breathe want to be left alone
You’re going to be forced to sort your personal sh!t out and get to know that much-avoided part of yourself
You’re going to have to let go at times – let go of fear, of knowing, of control, of people, and of situations 
You’re going to have to trust – especially in yourself
You’re going to cry, you’re going to laugh, you may even cry and laugh at the same time
You’re going to be in awe of how much change you’re going through, how much you’re learning, and how you’re finally  working towards what you love
You’re going to do a million self help courses and join a million Facebook groups only to realise a little later that you had the answers inside you all along
You’re going to attract a-holes into your life, and you’re going to attract amazing human beings into your life, and you’re sometimes going to confuse those two
Your patience is going to be tested
You’re going to be so emotional at times that you feel the world is spinning
You’re going to get your heart broken by lovers, friends, and family
You’re going to struggle figuring out your purpose, your plight, your direction and your contribution
You will do silly things to sabotage your success, and then not understand why you are struggling
You will beg and plead with the universe to help you only to then get a fine for something or lose your wallet
You’re going to fail at times
You’re going to change direction, and it may throw you at times
You’ll get told you’re doing it wrong (and frustratingly by people who have no idea what you’re actually doing)
You’ll make new friends, you’ll find your tribe, you’ll realise the universe is there to support you though it may go about it in some truly mind boggling ways
You will wonder how you got here and that wonder will turn into awe, gratitude, and appreciation
You’ll learn how to cope with the sh!t that gets thrown at us and see them for the opportunities they are
You’ll succeed. In ways you never thought possible and in areas you never thought to consider
You’ll rebel and break free
You’ll find your flow
You’ll get more and more comfortable in your skin
Your past doings will become more clear to you, and so will others’ you shared those with
You’ll learn to forgive yourself
You’ll learn to forgive others
You’ll start to look after yourself and appreciate the skills and talents you were born with and developed – you’ll learn how to use them to grow as a person and succeed
You will keep at it time and time again and go through all of this and come out on the other end with clarity and purpose
On your journey you will touch many people’s lives and have the most amazing interactions
And through all this you will come to realise how much of a f*cking baddass you are and that you have the capacity to do, make, creative, and thrive.
Things get easier and more brilliant and you’ll realise: I can do this