Planning for success will make you even more creative

Danielle LaPorte 

So what’s the deal?

Well, you basically want to create some sort of formatted outline about where you want to end up and how you plan on getting there. Or in my case, where I’d like to be and how I think I might get there. You really don’t need to know all the details at this stage of your plan. Just that this is where you start. And the key word here is start. You also need to start to plan. Not just think about it ? So you got your end point and you know you want to get there in x days/months.


Now the fun starts 

Just to make this a little awesome I went and created and infographic cause a) I needed something to procrastinate on and distract me from refining my own plan and b) ’cause I’ve always wanted to make an infographic and never had the excuse. I’ll elaborate a little more about planning down below. Hope the pic is easy on your eyes!


What to do?

Well, prevention is always going to be your #1 go to. Stress cannot always be avoided but you can surely try putting preventative measures in place to try lower the effects stress has on your physical and mental state when it does strike. This is akin to preparing your body and mind to running a marathon essentially. That saying of “strong body, strong mind” isn’t BS. The body and the mind are closely interlinked. Exercising for example allows the release of happy hormones, not to mention tension and monkey-mind syndrome. There’s nothing like a good hard run to stop that brain chatter. Now in saying this, don’t think “oh, I will start exercising and eating right when I start getting stressed”. The higher your fitness, health and wellbeing levels are before you get stressed the lower your stress will be and the easier it will be to sustain the requirements of taking care of yourself will be. Routine is key here. And getting into one before the shiz hits ze fan is going to help sustain you in times of stress.


So what’s the deal with planning and confidence anyhow?

Well, they’re rather closely linked actually. Ever had a plan and you were just like yeah! I got this! Yes, most of us have. You were motivated to go out and get shit done. And that’s cause you were clear and confident about what your next move was going to be. When you know something you automatically become more confident about that certain thing. When you know what task you have to complete next you have confidence in your abilities to move forward with direction. And all this lowers overwhelm and exhaustion too of course. You’re not doing a loads of nothing. 

Let me expand on the infographic a little more too…

Like it says. To get started you want to dump all your ideas, wants, needs, requirements, thoughts etc. out onto paper (or digitally via Evernote as I like to do). This whole miss-mash of things are doing to kinda be like a bowl of pickings when you put your plan together. Like those paper dolls you use to get where you pic the paper outfits on and put them on the paper dolls… I hope you’re getting the picture haha Once you’ve done this you can go and figure out your main goal(s). So what would you like to do in the timeframe you have set yourself (I recommend 90 day stints. See below). And to accompany that, your WHY (again, see below).

Then comes a tricky but fun bit!

You get to work out how you are going to make it all happen. What tools do you need, where do you need help, how will you do certain things and how long will they each take you. You know, standard planning stuff. The idea here is to get it in an organised format so you can flow from one thing to another without floundering around not knowing what is happening when or where. Then you can go ahead and schedule it all in. This will be especially great for thing such as social media and blog posting. A lot of automation can be done here which is great. And lastly, but just as important, you need to go through and figure out how bad your planning sucked… just joking! This is the time to see what things worked for you, what you can improve on, and what you just need to move on from. It’s also a fabulous way to see all that you have achieved and what an awesome human you are. Piece of cake, right?

I’ll end with four little tidbits of advice I can give you after going through this process myself

Side note: take stock of how many things on your list you actually ENJOY doing. If there ain’t a lot then it might be time to reassess what you’re doing with your time and if it’s going to be sustainable if it’s not bringing you any joy