You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination

Ralph Marston


*warning: this might make you a little uncomfortable. It’s tough talk but from a place of love*


It makes me enormously sad when I see some people get frustrated with things not working in their business or lives and then blaming their clients or customers…. hmmm…. I think it comes from a place of insecurity and feelings of lack but regardless, it’s a really low energy state to put yourself in. You feeling shitty cause things aren’t working, putting you in a state of low confidence as it is. You want to then perpetuate this negative energy by having a go at your posse? Bleh… So instead of recognising that you may just not be connecting with people in a way they understand, you blame them for not understanding. A little bit icky, right? So what do we do?

When you’ve reached this point then it may be a little bit hard for you to shake things off and see that what is happening is actually centred within you


There are a few internal buttons being pushed and it is causing some resistance on your part, which in turn causes you to stop progress (business or personal). This stuff tends to happen under a veil of disguise too so it’s rather hard at times to figure out what the crap is happening. But fear not, you’re reading this so it means you have an inkling something is up. And what is up may be that you’ve now reached a new level of functioning in your business or personal life and as it is new, and you don’t have training wheels, you’ve now thrown yourself off the bike before you even gave it a go. Why? Because of fear.


Fear drives our behaviours, our feelings of lack, our insecurities and most of all, our ability to take action


What does this result in? There is a little (or big) slump in your business right now. Crickets. Silence. Nada. You get the point… What’s amazing about this wonderful world we live in is that people are a lot more energetically connected than they realise. You think your prospective clients and current posse can’t pick up on “stuff” that goes on with you? You’d be surprised. If you have feelings of unworthiness and lack swimming around in your subconscious then that sends out a lovely message to the universe which is available to all, that you aren’t wanting something (subconsciously that is). That’s the uncool thing about our beliefs and thoughts… they truly do have a mind of their own sometimes.


So now that we know that you may be in a bit of a rough patch in your business as you are probably experiencing a personal limiting block of some sort… we can try move past it. There may be other reasons for things going awry in your life right now, but stick with me as knowing this stuff can’t hurt. Ok, let’s get into how to figure this out and stop the blame game. Here’s what to try if you’re stuff just ain’t working and you feel like your voice and offering are falling on deaf ears:


First turn inwards


WHY has this set you off? Why are you ready to rampage and tell anyone that will listen that nothing ever works for you and no one wants what you have to offer. WHY is it you feel like moaning instead of moving on to the next thing? Reading this may trigger you. This is good. It means there’s something hiding deep down inside you (ego based) thats resisting and retaliating. It’s telling you that I am wrong. That I don’t know you. That I can’t possibly understand what is going on. And all this may be true but here’s a little fun fact: unless your clients or followers have done something directly to you to cause you harm in any way, they aren’t to blame. And neither are you. “What You say?” Yeah you heard me. Time to stop playing the blame game for both sides and just figure out what this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY is trying to teach you. Is it showing you a block around confidence, or fear of putting yourself out there, or perhaps your hubris is a little high and you need to come back down to earth. Stick to what you know for now and learn about what you don’t. This will automatically boost your confidence and help with getting a heart-centered authentic message across


Actions to take


Sit down and journal why you feel so insanely mad at everyone else. Then grab a pen and paper and tackling your limiting beliefs, cause I bet your bottom dollar that a lot of these are the cause of your retaliation, and perhaps even your slump. If you have feelings of being unworthy you aren’t going to create that awesome course you’ve been wanting. And if the course ain’t there, well then yeah…. hello business slump. Clients want things fresh, engaging and interesting ALL THE TIME. We will hit these blocks due to the insane amount of personal growth we go through as entrepreneurs. The quicker  you work through your triggers and blocks through, the quicker you can get back to providing awesome stuff for your peeps. Get on it.


Bring it down space cadet


Secondly, there is also a little bit of logistic involved when you tailor your offerings which have to be kept in mind. I think we sometimes forget that WE are the experts and that your posse may not always know what the hell you are on about. Do you think you can teach someone to fly a plane if you don’t give them ways to actually even get into a cockpit in the first place? Seems like a ‘duh’ moment right? Stay with me. What if that person has never seen a plane? Doesn’t know what it does, let alone that you have to get in a cockpit to fly the thing. Following me? Some people are like that with certain things (*cough* me with starting a business, I kid you not).

You can’t always expect everyone to be on the same level


And if you do, expect your niche to be extremely narrow (nothing wrong with this!). You sometimes have to come down to your clients’ level, and this isn’t derogatory in any way. They are following and working with you for a reason, after all. You have to remember that you’ve been called to help other women rise up; key word here is RISE. You can’t expect everyone to be at the same place as you immediately, there would be no place for you in their world then, would there? This goes for the more logically orientated amongst us too. If you have a following that’s more spiritually inclined then getting frustrated when they don’t know their chrome browser from their safari browser ain’t helping no one. Or a logical person not knowing how to manifest (or even caring) and you as a spiritual being is totally aghast at the mere thought. Step it down so they can step it up. You’re a facilitator, facilitated ways in which you can speak to those you are trying to help remembering that even easy and “logical” things for you may be out of this world for them.


Your WHY


Lastly, you have to keep your mindset in the right place during tough times. And like everything, it gets stronger and stronger the more you “train” it. Knowing your why is extremely motivating and the linchpin that keeps a lot of entrepreneurs going. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why did you start your business in the first place? What is it that you set out to do when you embarked on this journey. It can all seem like it’s in the too hard basket but put yourself back in your newbie shoes and remember why you started this in the first place. You’re here to help others improve their lives no doubt, that’s why the majority of us do it. Not to mention we want flexibility and a healthy bank account (which is totally ok as your #1 reason for doing this by the way). Find your why my dear, write it down where you can see if to remind yourself often.