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If you know which KIT (Aus) you already want then simply CLICK HERE and click JOIN AND SAVE. Follow the prompts to open your WHOLESALE account

Get an account the SUPER easy way!

If you’ve been wanting to get an account but have been a little confused about what’s on offer and how to sign up then read on! I’ve listed some of the best value kits for you to get started on

Option 1 – The Home Essentials Kit

The most popular enrolment kit containing the most popular essential oils! Good, right? Yep!

You also save AUD85 below the wholesale prices (save AUD223 off RRP)

The best oils for immune, digestive and respiratory support sleep, moods, toxin free cleaning, pain and most other needs. You can use all these oils for both adults and kids too.

What’s in it?

✼ Our VERY popular and easy-peasy Petal Difuser

✼ 9 x 15ml oil and oil blend (each bottle contains 250 drops)

✼ 1 x 5ml blend (contains 85 drops)

Option 2 – Nature’s Solution Kit

If you’re serious about getting a jump start on starting your natural, detox journey with essential oils then this kit is a wonderful way to get so many amazing products with massive savings

You save AUD95.50 below the wholesale prices (save AUD210 off RRP)

It’s a wonderful kit to try out many of dōTERRA’s amazing blends, household products, and of course their single essential oils. You can get going with topical application right away too with the included Fractionated Coconut Oil and aromatically with our sweet Petal Difuser. AND you get a beautiful box to store all your oils bottles in 

What’s in it?

✼ The price & kit includes Wholesale Account ($35), Shipping ($24.95), Save 25% off ALL your products for 12 MONTHS

✼ 15ml Single Oils of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Oregano

✼ 15ml Blend Oils of On Guard, DigestZen, Easy Air, Purify, Aromatouch, Lavender Peace, Citrus Bliss, Smart & Sassy

✼ Other Products of 5ml Ice Blue, 10ml Past Tense, 10ml Clary Calm, Tube Ice Blue Rub, Correct X ointment, East Air Vapour Stick, On Guard Foaming hand wash, 2 dispensers, On Guard Beadlets, On Guard Toothpaste and Fractionated Coconut Oil

How do I choose a kit?

The Home essentials kit is by far the most popular kit when starting with doterra and essential oils. The kit contains oils that cover a wide variety of oils to support you with emotional, physical, and cleaning support.

The Home Essentials Kit vs The Essential Collection Kit 

The bottles in The Home Essentials Kit are 15ml compared to the 5ml bottles in The Essential Collection Kit (though this one is still an amazing budget-friendly option)

You get the Petal Difuser free with the Home Essentials Kit and a 15ml bottle of Smart and Sassy with The Essential Kit

What if I don’t want a kit but customise my order?

See the section below for instructions 🙂

Ready to Join?

Enrolling with a Kit – Signing up and joining from the AUSTRALIAN warehouse

CLICK HERE then follow the following prompts

Select AU OTG local warehouse as this will ensure your products gets shipped out of Aus and not US and you get charged AUD, not USD

Enter all your details and ensure that the enrolees and sponsor area has my number in there: 3505499


Go ahead and pick your kit from the slider at the top (which waives your $35 membership fee). With any order I would recommend adding a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to ensure safe dilution practices right from the start. If you kit already comes with it then you’re good to go!

TOP TIP: Like the cap stickers you see that’s on some of the bottle pictures? You can add them in here too! Then you can stick-and-go as soon as you get your oils. Just search “stickers” to grab a sheet.

Once your order has been processed I will send you a welcome email with all information about resources etc. – you may also be receiving a little welcome package too 😉 If you have not heard from me by the time your oils arrive then please get in contact. It may be that some information wasn’t entered correctly. I am SO looking forward to you joining my community! ❤︎

Customise Your Order Option

You can check out our product guide HERE to choose which you’d like to sign up with. Note: you will need to select your country and click through to reach a link to “Product Guide”

To customise your whole order just CLICK HERE then follow the following prompts

Choose your language and country > Choose the country you want to ship from (OTG for Australians) > Select WHOLESALE ACCESS> choose the $35 membership sign up (only if you want to customise your order) > customise your order by typing in the names of the producst in the box provided > process order
TOP TIP: Make sure to add in a fractionated coconut oil for you to start using your oils topically immediately

The enroller ID should prefill but if it doesn’t my ID is 3505499

What if I live outside Australia?

You are absolutely welcome too! There is no distance limit to me helping you, promise! As your enrolment differs a little please contact me directly via and I will be more than happy to help you with the enrolment and packs in your currency (we can even chat via a quick Skype/Zoom call).