Welcome to 2017 lovely! This is a little fun exercise for you that can really pack a punch when the times comes


What is it?

It’s writing a note or letter to yourself to be opened on a set date in the future.

What’s the aim?

It is a way for you to set intentions for yourself as well as getting manifestations on paper. You’re declaring to yourself and the universe what you will be working towards and most want this year

 What you’ll need

  • Grab a beautiful note card or pretty letter writing paper*
  • An equally fun envelope
  • A pen in your favourite colour
  • Your manifesting intentions for 2017

Grab my beautiful FREE letter template from the Coaching Library HERE

The note/letter contents

Here’s the fun part! You’re going to be writing in the present tense as if you’ve already achieved all the things you are wanting for yourself in 2017. People write these to be opened at specific times. You can choose to open this letter to yourself whenever really. The way I tend to do it is in 6 month block. So I will open on letter on the 1st June and another on the 1st Jan 2018.

In the letter you congratulate yourself on all the things you have achieved and what great progress you have made. This can be related to anything; business, personal, relationship or even spiritual. Write from the heart as if you are writing to your child or your best friend. These are the goals you are striving for, imagine how you’re going to feel once you’ve nailed them. That the emotion that will go into this.

Here is a little inspiration if you are stuck

Dear Beautiful, 

Holy moly what a crazy 6 months it has been! Look at you go! You’ve just done the most amazing things in just this short period of time. Not only have you managed to run that half marathon you were training so hard for but you managed to beat your personal best time too! Go you!

 You’ve done amazing lovely. You achieved the monthly earning you set for yourself and grown you business into a beautiful and successful career. And you did this all on your own. You rock!!


Lots of love,

Me x

Don’t let anything stand in the way of you claiming and manifesting the life that you choose rather than the life you have by default

Joy Page

Keep writing like this until you have all your goals and wishes for yourself down. Sign it off, seal it up and put it in a safe place. As the time grow nearer you’ll get super excited to read what you wrote to yourself (unless you have an elephant memory and you remember everything word for word of course).

And I wish for you everything that note contains, goodness knows you deserve it!