Take a Step Towards Reaching Your Goals

✣ Something is missing for you

✣ You feel like you need a little help finding that “something” out and/or taking things to the next level

✣ You’re up for a challenge but you also need someone to help keep you accountable

Let me help you create goals that support you to step up and grow. It’s time to start investing in you, it’s time to start rewriting your story

A Unique Coaching Experience


My coaching is tailored to each client. No two people are alike, so neither should the coaching be that each receive. The only structure I hold in place are the number of sessions I offer within each packages and the time for each session. I’m here to support you to gain clarity, to succeed, to feel empowered and to get confident in whichever part of life you want to focus on. It’s a safe space for you to explore, chat, and be open with accountability and honesty, sans judgement. I take my coaching very seriously but laughter and fun are an integral part of my life, and this filters through to my business and coaching as well. I help you lead yourself towards success. It’s within you, I just help you reach it.

Focus On Where You Want Change

What We Give Energy to Creates Our Reality


New to the Coaching World and a Little Apprehensive? 

You’re human, I’m human. I’ve effed up (still do), mess up (still do), lose it, andd get confused. So I totally get it. I also totally get how this can all seem a little daunting to you, without the thought of possibly sharing it with someone else. If you go away with one piece of information from all of this today is that getting support from another human is one of the best ways to accelerate your progress, learning, and goals. It takes strength, it’s not weakness, and you’re amazing for wanting change for yourself.

I’m here to help you, not judge. All that happens in each session is we chat. You learn, I support. I’m here to help you sort thorugh what it is you really want and restructure it so that you can move forwards.

You’re always in control. I’m here to facilitate and amplify what’s already inside. I help you pull out the good and suss out the bad while holding space for you to be real and gain insight into what an amazing human you truly are.

How I support my clients

My consulting and coaching is supported by the following techniques, modalities and approaches*

» I incorporate essential oils very deeply into my coaching and consulting practice as a natural support tool for both physical and emotional health and wellbeing. I’m very focused on educating and sharing the benefits of using essential oils to support everyday living as they have done me, my family, friends and clients an enormous service as we go through the ups and downs of life.

» My coaching and consulting is tailored to each client’s needs. There is no cookie cutter template that I run each one through. They are all structured in a manner that will benefit you the most.

» I provide an open and safe environment for working through blocks, challenges and celebrating triumphs and my coaching is private and confidential

» I incorporate other modalities such as flower essences and intuitive readings on a case-by-case basis. I am both very logical and very spiritual so my coaching approach and support is very much dependent on what level of intuitive support you are comfortable with

*Signing up to work with me is an agreement to be open and willing to approach change from a holistic perspective which can include the above mentioned modalities

Everything is Figureoutable

Marie Forleo

You will come to see how you have a unique set of skills & abilities that no one else has and how to leverage them for a more abundant, confident life

So you’re keen to work with me but don’t know where to start? Read on. I have tried to create something to suit a wide range of women (especially those who don’t have the financial means to do a full series coaching with me). I know what it’s like to want to work with someone but either don’t have the time or money to do it.

Start Here

I created the Coaching Library as an easily accesable platform for worksheets and other little tidbits I know are useful, especially when cash is a bit tight. Sign up and enjoy. It’s a great place to get started on your journey of discovery

Entry Level Self-Paced Mini Coaching

My workbook Killa Prawn is your next step. If you’ve dabble with a few worksheets and feel the need to delve a little deeper into who YOU are then this one’s for you. It’s a fabulous resource to – as it says – figure out how f*cking awesome you are. I put this workbook together to help women see how strong, valuable, and amazing they truly are. And as you work through it you start forming a picture of how you would like your life to look and what your purpose may be in this lifetime. You’re gonna be killing it once you’re done with this one my little prawn

This is a cheapy to get you started at only AUD11

Next Step – Trusting Your Intuition and Guiding Yourself

So you’ve figured out what you bring to the table? You’re insanely amazing yeah? I truly hope you see that for yourself now. And perhaps how to structure your life in a way that works with and for you, not against you. So what’s the next step? Well,  you have a couple of options. If you are wanting to tap into your spiritual side a little more and at the same time see how you can start incorporating essential oils into your life as well, then both my card decks are your next step.

My Words of Wisdom Deck is perfect for an intuitive hit of positive words that can be used on a daily basis to get guidance on what needs focus. I use these in almost all my sessions which clients love as it’s just that little bit of extra support which we sometimes need

AUD29 + postage

My Essential Oils and Emotions Insight Cards are designed as both an intuitive and learning tool for people who have started on their oil journey and would love to get emotional support guidance. If you’ve started tapping into your intuition and emotions a little more lately and would like to see what essential oils can do for you then please get in touch. They were a continuation of the same journey I went on, that I am leading you down now.

AUD59 + postage

Journaling with Essential Oils Cards 

Love essential oils? Love journaling? Ever thought of combining the two? It’s a magical combination ♡ I created this deck to integrate essential oils into your journaling practice on a whole new level

AUD59 + postage

All items ship internationally 

Stepping Up – Working With Me

Ok, you’ve done all the baseline work. Well done. It takes a lot of self-belief, commitment and drive to sometimes do these things without others encouraging or helping us. If you’ve gotten through the previous stages then you’re winning!

So you’re now ready to step it up a bit? I can’t be more excited for you! Here’s what I have to offer you at this level.

Energy exchange AUD333*

*You can break this up into 2 payments of AUD111 if that suits. 

HERE is an article I wrote about working with a coach if you’d like more info

2x coaching session where we work on ONE thing that you feel you desperately need help with right now. Have you managed to narrow down the direction you want to head in by doing the previous few steps but now a bit stuck on how to go about it? Or life has suddenly got rather busy and you’re in need of some support to get less frazzled and more focussed? This is a toe-dip into the world of coaching.

» 2x 60min sessions via zoom, 2 weeks apart, where you will have my undivided attention, support, expertise, and encouragement.

» Resources to help support you during out coaching journey together

» A little essential oil goodie bag – of which I will be encouraging you to use after our sessions

Why 2 sessions and not just one?

Accountability! ?  I don’t like to just boost people up and send them on their merry way. I like to ensure that the goal you set, and the action steps you wanted to take are all flowing for you. That you’re managing and to perhaps jig things a little the next time we talk. You’d be surprised how much more people get done in the two weeks between sessions rather than just chatting with someone for an hour and then being left to their own devices.

I do no-obligation, FREE 15min chats if you would like to discuss coaching with me further. That means I won’t shove my coaching down your throat or proclaim I am the only one that can help you. Rather, I’ll listen to what you need and want and offer suggestions on how I can help you. Don’t wanna work with me after? No hard feelings

Owning It – Come on a Journey With me

If you’ve reached this stage then you’re f*cking amazing. Even if you’ve skipped the other steps and are thinking of bee-lining straight for this option then go you good thing! This is the penultimate choice for those who want to come on a fantastic journey with me. I always have such an amazing time with my coaching clients who choose this package that I feel blessed and honoured to be able to continually offer this option.

What is it? It’s a coaching series designed to support you in a way that guides you through reaching those bigger goals you’d like to aim for. Goals like “speaking in public”, “exploring my spirituality”, “I’ve just started a business and I’m lost!”, and of course “I’m hella stressed, overwhelmed, and just can’t cope anymore”. When I first got coached it was to find my coaching niche. The next coach helped me to honour my worth. Whatever your goals, there is a coach for you. 

I work with women who are totally ready to step up and change and I would be honoured to support and guide you, so please get in contact to see if we would be suited working together

Energy exchange AUD888*

*Upfront payment special. Monthly payments can be done at AUD303 / month. 

HERE is an article I wrote about working with a coach if you’d like more info

» 6x 60min of zoom time where you will have my undivided attention, support, expertise, and encouragement. Yes, that’s 3 whole months of working with me. If you think this is long don’t panic, there hasn’t been one client (including me) that hasn’t uttered the words “that went rather quick”.

» Email support in between sessions

»» Resources to help support you during out coaching journey together

» A discount voucher to my Etsy store

» A beautiful gift from me to you – see the next two tabs for your options

You can choose to join my oily community as score the below pack as your gift, absolutely free. To see more about what being in my community entails, please see my essential oils page

Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit RRP AUD260

You are already part of my or someone else’s doterra community, (or you are not interested in joining)? Not to fret! You will still receive a ‘lil summing-summing ?  see below

Moods Touch Kit RRP AUD186

Both options come with a bottle of Doterra Hope as part of my agreement with myself to pay it forward and donate part of my coaching earnings to charities. To learn more about doterra’s Hope, and why I chose it, please visit this website

Seeing as we may be working together for 3 months I make these initial chats compulsory to see if we’d be a good fit. We don’t wanna grate on each other like a pair of new school shoes that are 2 sizes too big, do we? That’s a #hardno 

These chats are still no-obligation and FREE if you’re interested to discuss coaching with me further. That means I won’t shove my coaching down your throat or proclaim I am the only one that can help you. Rather, I’ll listen to what you need and want and offer suggestions on how I can help you. Don’t wanna work with me after? No hard feelings

Your Coach

Chalene is a life coach, a scientist and essential oil nut who’s focus is on helping women and female entrepreneurs who are strugging with insecurities and a lack of confidence get their inner Wonder Woman back. Her realm of coaching taps into confidence, strength, and personal power, supporting her clients to lower overwhelm and exhaustion. She believes that every woman has the capacity to create abundance in their lives. And to support her own creativity, Chalene brings to life products to support her clients and customers to create space, freedom and joy for themselves.

Chalene graduated with a Masters in biology following her childhood passion of working with animals. She has since stepped into the role as life coach following a course in that area and has incorporated her love of essentials oils into her business. She brings together her background in science, her passion for coaching and her addiction to essential oils to create a world that allow women more empowerment, more understanding, and a greater sense of ease.

Chalene now lives in Sydney by the beach after growing up in both South Africa and New Zealand

If you’re intersted in a bit more of a personal bio then pelase see this post

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