The Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards

The Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards

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2018 Edition

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A little bit overwhelmed with all the emotional benefits of essential oils and their effects on us?

Don’t worry, I was too!

About the deck
❊ A deck to be used as both insight cards and as an oracle deck
❊ Quick, intuitive reference when you are wanting emotional and spiritual guidance and support form your essential oils 
❊ A wonderful addition to online coaching, consults, and intuitive readings where essential oils are a focus
❊ You can easily pull a few cards for clients or even use them as a teaching or quick reference tool while consulting


  • A description of the emotions each specific oil is known to evoke

  • The chakra(s) each oil is associated with to help balance and cleanse

  • The numerology number and a mantra associated with each card

  • The deck features and is based on single oils stocked by dōTERRA

Suggestions on how to use the deck

  • You can use your deck as a daily learning tool. Pull a card and find out what emotional shifts you can use the oil for

  • Your deck can also be used as an oracle deck. Each card can point you to the area where you need most help in at that point in time

  • A one-card-a-day pull will give you a beautiful way to work intimately with one oil on a daily basis

  • Pulling 4-6 cards can be done to create a beautiful blend for either your diffuser or custom roller bottle blends

  • The cards are great additions to essential oil classes. Either as props or as gifts for participants to take home

  • They are great for spiritual social media video readings/posts, giving deep emotional insight for your clientele


  • 56 different single essential oils cards featuring oil per card (see below for list)

  • Deck comes with a beautiful handmade linen drawstring bag for storage

  • Card Size: 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm)

List of oils included in the deck
Arborvitae | Basil | Birch | Bergamot | Black Pepper | Blue Tansy | Cardamom | Cassia | Cedarwood, Cilantro | Cinnamon | Clary Sage | Clove | Copaiba | Coriander | Cypress | Dill |Douglas Fir | Eucalyptus | Fennel | Frankincense | Geranium | Ginger | Grapefruit | Helichrysum | Jasmine | Juniper Berry | Lavender | Lemon | Lemongrass | Lime | Litsea | Manuka | Marjoram | Melaleuca | Melissa | Myrrh | Neroli | Oregano | Roman Chamomile | Peppermint | Petitgrain | Thyme | Sandalwood | Rosemary | Tangerine | Spearmint | Vetiver | Rose | Siberian Fir | Spikenard | White Fir | Wild Orange | Wintergreen | Patchouli | Ylang Ylang

** this listing is for cards ONLY, no other accessories in pictures included **


So lovely - thank you!!!! :)

Kathy S.


Beautiful! thank you for creating such amazing cards xx

Nicole B.

So lovely - thank you!!!! :)
K. Stowell


Love love love!!! So creative!
J. Kelly