Hey, I’m Chalene and welcome to my website! Everyone likes to know a little bit about the folks they may end up working with so here’s a few words about myself and what I want for you

Me in a nutshell

» I’m caring and what I want for my clients and the people around me is to thrive and be happy. My openness allows me to accept you for who you are and focus on what matters; getting your A into G!

» I have my own funky personality. I am open, understanding and honest. I don’t judge so you have the freedom to chat to me about anything. I’m pretty sure you can’t beat some of the crazy conversations I’ve had with some awesome people in the last decade; I don’t scare or surprise easily.

I love to laugh, I love to help and I love to succeed

» I own a fluffy white cat suitably named Winter. She pops up on Instagram every now and again for that feel good “awww” factor. Check her out – @nelizak

» I am an ENFP and a Virgo; a good mix that brings it’s own uniqueness to my coaching style

» I’m an introverted extrovert, an adventurous hermit. I love new experiences and to explore, but I am equally happy sitting at home reading something fantastically magical, writing or doing a few arts and crafts

» Above all, I’m a total nut! I will try to have fun at every opportunity. I’m also extremely driven, empathetic, curious and brave, and love seeing and nurturing these traits in others

Embrace your "incompleteness" as you simultaneously strive to become more each day, and in the process, grant yourself permission to be happy

Mike Dooley

And you know what else?

I get you. I see you. I hear you. I’ve been there and I can help you.

I’ve struggled through the confusion and dissapointments, the pain and difficulties. I know. I took notes, and I learned. And now I want to help you get through it, sans struggle and confusion… Who wants that anyway, right?

I want to help you push through and succeed at what you put your mind to. I want to help you get clear to see where you are at and what you really want to be doing with your time/life/career. I want to help you create opportunity for abundance; spiritual abundance, finanacial abundance, wellbeing abundance.

I want to help you get clear on how to finally put yourself first. On how to practice that often-used and much-confused subject of “self love”, in a way that works for you. The kind of self-love that supports you and allows you to grow in all sectors of your life.

And most of all, I want you to experience a sense of joy and amazement when you realise how effing awesome you are, and always have been. You’re amazing darling, I’m just here to help you see that.

So please go ahead and explore the website some more. I hope you get a few tidbits that will help you on your journey. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me. Else, why not see what I can offer you as a coach?

I understand overwhelm, the exhaustion, the constant people pleasing and the feeling of complete meltdown


I myself went through two distinct periods of breakdown. The first I got anxiety so bad that I almost became agoraphobic. I was in panic mode 24/7 and only managed 4 hrs sleep a night. I had exams to sit, was living in another city, my relationship ended, I had a grandparent die and a parent who ended up touch and go in ICU (on the same day). So as you can imagine, I totally understand the stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion that can pop up in our lives.

The second period resulted in me getting the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) resulting in chronic fatigue (CF), leading to a battle of complete and utter dysfunction for 2 years.  The CF came in an “overwhelm package” of running postgraduate experiments, another grandparent dying, and me living in a new city yet again. I was also in a relationship which was extremely strained as a result of my illness, feeding back into the stress of the whole situation.


Back before life happened (as it does)…

I was an extremely confident teenager. Through a lot of changes and experiences after I left school I totally lost myself and was very introverted by the time I reached my mid 20s. Not that there is anything wrong with my introvert peep, it just wasn’t me. There was still a mask of composure that was kept in place (as a lot of us women manage to do) but inside I was very broken. The outside world still saw confidence but inside it was turmoil, confusion and a whole lot of anger. And sadly for me, I didn’t realise how broken I was until things fell apart. Everything that happened gives me a good appreciation of what it’s like to deal with no confidence, especially trusting and believing in oneself. I know what effects it can have on your life and how it hinders a lot of progress. For me it also led to a lot of overwhelm and exhaustion as I was constantly feeling I needed to people please.

I also had no self-care (didn’t even know what that was), I was so utterly stuck I felt useless and unworthy of everything around me and I just wasn’t having any fun. I am by nature a very exuberant and smiley person but she got lost along the way. This saddened me as I couldn’t see myself expressing who I really was again. There was no structure in my life at all. Every day was a struggle and things just weren’t going anywhere for me. Changing and restructuring aspects of my life impacted positively on my confidence, my self-care, my stress levels and my overwhelm. It was a game changer. Realising that I have a knack for helping others through this too is where my business as a coach bloomed. I love helping people through your own “stuff” and seeing them change and grow, realising the beautiful people they already are inside. I pride myself on being open, being easy to talk to and honest with my clients so you there is never any judgment from me.

Hope to connect with you soon,