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Hello Beautiful,

I’m Chalene. An intuitive confidence coach that’s focus is on helping women lower overwhelm, exhaustion, and fear, I support women to create change and restructure their work and personal lives for abundance, success, and joy. The result? More control, less stress, and greater focus.

I facilitate change; I help you boost your confidence to allow you to stand in your own power, get unstuck and re-align with yourself. You don’t have to keep doing the same thing

Let me help you Rewrite Your Story 

Work With Me

I am a Life Coach, a Scientist and an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate. These three combined makes for a powerful trio.

If you’d like to see how I can help you then please click below to find out more

Essential Oil Education + My Oily Community

Learn all about essential oils, how they can support your health and wellbeing, about my oily community, and how I can personally help you on your essential oil journey

About Me

I’ve led a full life so far and I’ stoked to be able to share a little bit of who I am with you

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FREE resources to help you change, learn, and grow



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